Aids and adaptations policy

Legal compliance

10.1 The Council will make a positive difference to our communities and to the people we employ, provide services to and do business with and aims to provide services which meet the needs of                           customers, employees and other people and groups, including people with protected characteristics, as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

10.2 The council will comply with the relevant legislation in regard to the provision of aids and adaptations services. The main provisions of the legislation are set out below:

  • Providing auxiliary aids and services.
  • Changing provisions, criteria or practices (e.g. allowing a disabled person who uses an assistance dog to take a property that might otherwise have stipulated ‘no dogs’).

10.3 Despite having no legal requirement under the Equalities Act 2010 to alter any physical features of our properties, the council is committed to promoting choice for independent living for its existing residents and applicants who have a disability or require an aid or adaptation.

10.4 The council will ensure that no person nor group of persons will be treated less favourably than another person or group of persons and will carry out our duty with positive regard for the following core strands of equality.

10.5 The council will also ensure that all services and actions are delivered within the context of current Human Rights legislation. Staff and others with whom we work, will adhere to the central principles of the Human Rights Act (1998).