Aids and adaptations policy

Minor Adaptations

6.1 The council will in most cases follow the guidance ‘Adaptations without delay – A practical guide and technical specifications for housing associations’ 2019 produced by the College of Occupational Therapists.

6.2 Tenants can request (self-refer) minor adaptations by contacting the council’s Housing Maintenance Team on 01707 357 000. Any resident unsure of the extent of the required adaptation will be asked to contact their Occupational Therapist in the first instance on 0300 123 4042.

6.3 Minor adaptations (typically under £500) are easily installed and do not affect the future use of the property e.g. lever taps, grab rails, half step and mop stick handrails.

6.4 Minor adaptation will be raised as a routine repair job (i.e. up to 25 working Days) as long as they do not exceed £500 in total value in any one property.

6.5 The likely timeframe for completing minor adaptations may be less depending on critical need or if there are immediate risks to health and safety to the occupants of the property.

6.6 All minor adaptations requests that cost between £500 and £1,000 will be assessed by the council’s Adaptations Team, within 10 working days, to assess whether a major adaptation would be more suitable.

6.7 The council reserves the right to seek an Occupational Therapist’s report on aids and adaptations requests below £1,000 in value on a discretionary basis, to ensure the proposed works meet the customer’s individual needs in the most effective way.

6.8 If an assessment is required, once agreed, the council aims to ensure all minor adaptations are completed within 25 working days from the date theymare approved.

6.9 Minor adaptations do not include non-fixed equipment to assist with a disability or mobility problem that are normally supplied by Hertfordshire County Council Equipment Services.