Aids and adaptations policy

Financial Considerations

11.1 The council will set an annual budget identified within the annual Business Plan, which will be used as efficiently as possible to provide a fair and accessible service to all existing tenants, whilst demonstrating value for money.

11.2 In the event that the demand for assistance exceeds the annual budget allocation, a waiting list will be operated subject to priority need which can be rolled forward into the next financial year.

11.3 The council may request that multiple adaptation requests to a single property are separated into highest need to manage funding by allocating priority to certain adaptations.

11.4 For all adaptations, the council’s Contract Procedure Rules must be followed to ensure that stewardship and probity are maintained within the Council and that Approved Officers obtain Best Value services and Value for Money from purchasing arrangements.

11.5 Occupational Therapists requesting adaptations for private tenants should be directed to the Council’s Private Sector Housing Team who facilitate all adaptation referrals for owner occupiers, housing association and private landlord tenants.