Aids and adaptations policy

Complex Adaptations

8.1 Complex adaptations require work that is more extensive e.g. major remodelling, widening of doors, off road parking and extensions, and are often designed for the specific need of the individual. These works are of high cost and affect the future use of the property.

8.2 Upon receipt of the Occupational Therapists report, a feasibility assessment will be carried out in consultation with the Occupational Therapist, along with a member of the council’s Adaptations Team, Neighbourhood and Enforcement Team and Housing Allocations Team.

8.3 The feasibility assessment will seek to establish:

  • If there is a possibility for the tenant to be moved to more suitable accommodation.
  • The implications of the adaptation work when the property becomes available to re-let, in particular the impact on future allocations and under occupancy issues.
  • If the adaptation works are suitable for the disabled tenant.
  • The feasibility of the adaptation in relation to the layout and structure of the property.
  • The proposed works meet all planning, estate management and building regulation requirements.
  • Whether the estimated cost of the adaptation work is likely to exceed the council’s maximum budget provision.

8.4  Where it has been identified that a move to a more suitable property is both reasonable and practicable, the council reserves the right to refuse approval for the adaptations requested for the original home.

8.5 In situations where a suitable alternative or already adapted property is offered and refused, approval of the complex adaptation will be subject to  review by the Exceptional Circumstances Panel attended by senior council representatives.   

8.6 The council may seek advice from an independent Occupational Therapist to assist with requests for complex (and sometimes major) adaptations. This individual will be registered with a professional body e.g. the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), or similar alternative.

8.7 We aim to ensure all complex adaptations are approved within 12 months from the date they are requested. Due the detailed nature of these requests, timescales to complete complex adaptations will be discussed and agreed at the time they are made.