Aids and adaptations policy

Policy statement

3.1 The council is committed to providing an equitable, efficient and accessible aids and adaptations service to support the needs of disabled council tenants within the constraints of the resources available.

3.2 All referrals for aids and adaptations will be considered individually having regard to the criteria set out in this policy and the circumstances of the individual requiring the adaptations.

3.3 As part of the assessment process, other options may be considered, including the offer of a move to a more suitable property, where this is appropriate.

3.4 For major and complex aids and adaptations to family homes we will encourage and assist in a move to more suitable accommodation if this is appropriate.

3.5 When a property with major adaptations becomes vacant, we will seek to find a housing applicant or existing tenant who needs the adaptations we have carried out to the property.

3.6 We will make use of our aids and adaptations resources to provide proactive and planned generic adaptations to properties deemed suitable for such works.

3.7 The Policy should be read in conjunction with:

  • WHBC Responsive Repairs Policy
  • WHBC Complaints Policy
  • WHBC Equality and Diversity Policy