Complaints policy and procedure


1.1. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council ('the council') is committed to improving quality of service and the experience of customers using our services across the borough.

1.2. Our aim and commitment is always to provide a high-quality service which meets the needs of our customers. Through listening and learning we seek to improve the quality of our service and encourage good practice by our staff.

1.3. However, it is acknowledged that, occasionally, customers may have cause to complain. In such instances, we will investigate complaints quickly and effectively. If we have made a mistake we will apologise, put it right if possible, and take steps to prevent it happening again.

1.4. We will ensure that any lessons learned are used as part of our continued drive towards service improvement.

1.5. This policy provides the framework for ensuring that complaints received across the council are handled consistently, fairly and effectively.

1.6. The council recognises and values all of the people who live, work, use council services or spend their leisure time in the Welwyn Hatfield borough. The objective is to break down barriers to making a complaint, to make sure the system is accessible and easily understood by everyone.

1.7. The policy is supplemented by clear procedures showing as appendices at the end of the policy document.