Complaints policy and procedure

Who can make a complaint?

8.1. Complaints may be made by anyone who is affected, by the council's action, lack of action or about the standard of a service affecting an individual, resident or group of residents.

8.2. The person affected may choose to ask someone else to complain on their behalf, such as relative, carer or friend. Complaints can also be made through a Councillor, Member of Parliament, or another elected person. In these cases, correspondence from these individuals will be dealt with in keeping with the procedures for handling MP and Councilor enquiries.

8.3. Where appropriate, the council will seek consent from the service user for us to correspond with any third party on their behalf. This ensures compliance with data protection requirements and that the service user's wishes are being fulfilled. If they are not of sufficient age or understanding the council will determine whether the third party is acting in the service user's best interest.

8.4. Vulnerable adults, who do not have the capacity to consent, we will decide how to progress the matter in accordance with the relevant legislation, i.e. Mental Capacity Act 2005.