Complaints policy and procedure

Vexatious and persistent behaviour

16.1. We define unreasonably persistent and vexatious contacts as those that, because of the frequency or nature of a customer's contact with our officers, hinder our consideration of their (or other people's) complaints.

16.2. The description 'unreasonably persistent' and 'vexatious' may apply separately or jointly to a particular complaint.

16.3. We have adopted the Local Government Ombudsman's (LGO) definition of "unreasonable complainant behaviour" and "unreasonable persistent complaints".  We will however, apply the policy to any contact which is considered to be vexatious or persistent, even if it does not meet our definition of being a compliant.

16.4. For more information on how the council manage vexatious and persistent behaviour, please refer to the council's Vexatious and Persistent Behaviour Policy for more information.