Licensing policy

Personal licenses

20.1 In the case of an application for a personal licence under Part 6 of the Act the requirements set out in the Act shall be required.

20.2 Any individual may apply for a personal licence whether or not he is currently employed or has business interests associated with the licence use. However proof of entitlement to work in the UK must be provided.

20.3 Where an applicant has unspent convictions relevant to the Act, the Council recognises that the Police may object on crime prevention grounds. Should this occur, the Council will consider the application at a Licensing Sub Committee. The Council attaches great importance to the character of the applicant and will not normally grant the licence against a Police objection unless satisfied that the applicant is a person who can be trusted to observe the statutory obligations placed on licensees. The Council will ensure that the reasons for any grant or refusal in such an occurrence are fully recorded. The Council recognises that the applicant or Police may appeal against any decision made by the Licensing Sub Committee.

20.4 Once a decision to grant a Personal Licence has been made, the Council will notify the applicant and local Police and will issue the Personal Licence in the prescribed form within 10 working days. All Personal Licences granted will [be in the prescribed format] and will specify the holder’s name and address and details of the Council as the Licensing authority. Once granted, a Personal Licence will be valid indefinitely unless surrendered or declared suspended or forfeit by the courts. The Council recognises that where any relevant conviction comes to light after the grant or renewal of a Personal Licence, the Act makes provision for the revocation of the licence.

20.5 All holders of a Personal Licence issued by this Council must apply to this Council for any changes to be recorded whether or not they continue to live or work within the Council boundary. The Council expects to be informed by Personal Licence holders of all changes to names and/or address, and any convictions for relevant offences. The Council also expects to be informed by the Courts following the conviction of a holder of a Personal Licence issued by the Council.

20.6 The Police and Crime Act 2017 introduced the power for Licensing Authorities to revoke or suspend personal licences. This is a discretionary power but if this Council becomes aware of a personal licence holder having been convicted of a relevant or foreign offence then the case will be heard by our licensing subcommittee.

20.7 There have been some amendments to the schedule of relevant offences under schedule 4 of the Licensing Act 2003 and these will be borne in mind.