Licensing policy

Summary reviews

39.1 In addition the licensing authority must review a licence if the premises to which it relates was made the subject of a closure order by the police based on nuisance or disorder, or the police have made an application for summary review on the basis that the premises are associated with serious crime and/or disorder. Summary reviews were introduced into the Licensing Act by the Violent Crime Reduction Act.

39.2 The licensing authority is aware that they must hold and determine a full review of the premises licence after receipt of a police chief’s application for a summary review. The hearing must take place within 28 days of the application and there can be no adjournment of the hearing or delay in reaching a determination. The hearing will take place even if the Chief Officer of the police asks to withdraw their application or representations.

39.3 The licensing authority’s determination does not have effect until the end of the 21 day period given for appealing the decision, or until the dispersal of any appeal that is lodged. To ensure that there are appropriate and proportionate safeguards in place at all times, the Licensing Authority will review any Interim Steps that it has taken that are in place on the date of the hearing of the final review, and consider whether it is appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives for the steps to remain in place, or if they should be modified or withdrawn. The review of the interim steps will take place immediately after the determination of the review has been reached and in making its decision the licensing authority will consider any relevant representations made.

39.4 A summary review flowchart is available at p.102 of the Guidance issued under section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003 April 2018. In addition non statutory guidance issued by the Home Office can be found at