Licensing policy

Failure to pay annual fees –licence suspension

42.1 The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 amended the Licensing Act 2003 to allow us to suspend licences and certificates. We must suspend premises licences or club premises certificates when the annual fee is not paid.

42.2 Where an annual fee is not paid we will write to tell you that you have a period of 21 days from the date the fee became due to pay the outstanding fees. The period of 21 days exists so as to allow for resolution as to a dispute, or as a result of an error. After this period the licence or certificate will be suspended. We will not send any further warning letters.

42.3 We will write to the licence holder advising you of the suspension and tell you the date on which the suspension will take effect. This will be 2 days after the day the notice is given.

42.4 We will notify Hertfordshire Constabulary and the relevant responsible authorities as defined under the Act.

42.5 The lifting of a suspension will only take place from the day on which we receive the payment of the outstanding fee/fees. In all instances, we shall confirm that the suspension has been lifted in writing the following working day after the payment has been received. Notification will also be provided to Hertfordshire Constabulary, and the relevant responsible authorities as notified at the time the suspension notice was given.

42.6 The quickest way to reinstate a licence would be to pay by card directly to the licensing team on 01707 357925 although there are other methods of payment. As described on the council website.

42.7 Please note it is a criminal offence under section 136 of the Licensing Act 2003 to carry out or attempt to carry out licensable activities without a permission i.e. once your premises licence or club premises certificate are suspended.