Licensing policy

Cumulative Effect

32.1 We will not take ‘need’ into account when considering an application.

32.2 We do not currently have any cumulative impact zones in the district. However, we recognise that the cumulative impact of the number, type and density of licensed premises in a given area may lead to serious problems of nuisance and disorder outside and some distance from the premises. Responsible authorities or members of the public can make representations that an area has become saturated with premises making it a focal point for groups of people to gather creating exceptional problems of disorder and nuisance beyond the impact from the individual premises. In those circumstances we would consider whether there is evidence to support the implementation of a cumulative impact zone.

32.3 Other mechanisms are available to deal with cumulative effect. For example:

  • Planning controls
  • Partnership working with the Police the Trade and others to create effective dispersal strategies such as CCTV surveillance, ample taxi ranks, public conveniences, street cleaning and litter patrols
  • Police enforcement concerning disorder and anti-social behaviour including the issuing of fixed penalty notices
  • The prosecution of personal licence holders or members of staff who sell alcohol to people who are drunk
  • Public Space Protection orders where alcohol consumption can be restricted if necessary to prevent disorder [PSPO]
  • Police powers to close for up to 24 hours any licensed premises or temporary event on grounds of disorder, the likelihood of disorder or noise emanating from the premise causing nuisance
  • the power of the police, other responsible authority or a member of the public to seek a review of the licence in question

32.4 The Council recognises that where the number, type and density of premises selling alcohol is unusual, as can occur in some town centres, problems of nuisance and disorder can occur either outside or some distance from the licensed premises. The Council has therefore introduced a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) where alcohol consumption can be restricted if necessary to prevent disorder the extent of this order can be viewed at Where this authority occupies or manages premises, or premises are managed on its behalf, and it licences that place for alcohol sales the PSPO will not apply when the licence is being used for alcohol sales (or 30 minutes after) but the place will be subject to the PSPO at all other times. This allows this authority to promote community events whilst still using PSPOs to tackle the problems of anti-social drinking.