Licensing policy

Conduct of hearings

40.1 The Council will ensure that meetings of the Licensing Sub Committee are conducted in accordance with any rules prescribed by the Secretary of State and in accordance with the rules of natural justice and with respect for the human rights of individuals present

40.2 Meetings will be conducted in accordance with appropriate Council procedures and the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007. Local Councillors can make representations in writing and at a hearing on behalf of residents or local businesses if specifically requested to do so. They can also make representations in their own right. The Council will ensure that a legal advisor is available to advise the Licensing Sub Committee on points of law relevant to the matters under consideration.

40.3 The Licensing Sub Committee will relate all decisions made to the Councils duty to promote the Licensing objectives. Minutes of the Licensing Committee and Licensing Sub Committee will be recorded and made available upon request