Licensing policy

Late Night Levy

34.1 The legislative provisions relating to the late night levy are not part of the Licensing Act 2003 but are contained in sections 125 to 139 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011. The provisions came into force on 31st October 2012.

34.2 Currently we are not introducing a late night levy, however, in the future we may consider a levy and therefore we have set out some details about late night levies.

34.3 There are also Regulations in force setting out the way in which the levy must be applied; the way it will be administered, as well as arrangements for expenses, exemptions and reductions. There is also Guidance which sets out:

  • implementing the levy and the consultation process
  • the design of the levy
  • exemptions from the levy
  • reductions in levy charges
  • how revenue raised from the levy may be spent
  • the levy charges
  • the levy collection process

34.4 We will have discretion as to whether we exempt certain premises but these can only be the types of premises set out in paragraphs 1.23 to 1.33 of the Guidance on the Late Night Levy. We also have discretion whether to reduce the amount of the levy by 30% for premises which participate in business-led best practice schemes [Guidance on the Late Night Levy, paragraphs 1.34 to 1.38].

34.5 Any revenue from the levy must be split between us, as the licensing authority, and the Police, with at least 70% of the ‘net’ levy (after expenses) paid to the Police. The Late Night Levy Guidance suggests at paragraph 1.40 that we may wish to use existing partnership arrangements with the Police to ensure that the police intentions for the share of the levy revenue paid to them are genuine.

34.6 These new powers enable us to charge a levy in relation to persons who are licensed to sell or supply alcohol late at night as a means of raising a contribution towards the costs of policing the night-time economy. It is a ‘local’ power that we can choose whether or not to exercise. Any decision to introduce, vary or cease the requirement for a levy has to be made by the full council. Other decisions in relation to how the levy is administered may be subject to delegation.

34.7 We do not anticipate introducing a late night levy at present.