Decant policy

Suitable Alternative Accommodation

11.1 Suitable alternative accommodation means accommodation which provides the tenant with equivalent security of tenure and is similar in regards to rent, size, situation etc. as required under Schedule 2, Part III of the Housing Act 1988 and meets the tenants’ needs as set out in WHBC’s Allocation Policy.

11.2 Where the tenant is currently under occupying, they will normally be offered a smaller property that meets their current needs, however Senior Officer Panel will consider cases where there are exceptional circumstances which may warrant the offer of a larger property.

11.3 Wherever possible we will offer like for like in that we will try not to move abtenant from a house to a flat or from a flat to house, but this depends on the availability of properties in the local area and whether it would unreasonably delay the planned works. A flat may be on a different floor from the tenants existing property. However, it will meet any mobility and access needs of the tenant and their household.

11.4 We will have regard to the tenants stated preferences in terms of location and proximity to relatives or schools, but it will be deemed as suitable if it is of the appropriate size and WHBC considers it a reasonable travel distance to the tenant and partners place of work.

11.5 Where the tenant has adult children permanently living with them who have expressed a wish to live independently and we are unable to find a large enough property, separate alternative accommodation may be offered to the adult child or children by agreement.

11.6 If the tenant refuses the offers of suitable alternative accommodation, ornrefuses to move at all, WHBC will take appropriate legal action to gain vacant possession of the property and offer suitable alternative accommodation.

11.7 Not all circumstances can be easily covered in this policy and WHBC will apply its discretion in making any further offers of accommodation or assistance where exceptional circumstances warrant it.