Decant policy

Leaseholders and suitable alternative accommodation

14.1 For planned works we will consult leaseholders on any major works before any discussion about possible decants. WHBC will seek legal advice if we are prevented from fulfilling our repair and maintenance obligations as a result of a leaseholder refusing to be decanted.

14.2 Where we have a statutory duty to, we will compensate leaseholders for the loss of their home.

14.3 The conditions for Home Loss Payments and Disturbance Payments are the same as for tenants i.e. the decant must be permanent due to redevelopment or improvement works and the owner or their sub tenant must have been living in the property at the date of displacement (and for Home Loss, for the previous 12 months). See section 14.6 – 14.11.

Suitable alternative accommodation

14.4 While WHBC may not have the same duty to provide alternative accommodation to leaseholders as it may for its tenants in respect to temporary decants, we will provide suitable alternative accommodation where:

• There is an obligation under the terms of the lease;
• The decant is required as a result of WHBCs action’s, failure to act or negligence.
• It may help facilitate the progress of essential works.

14.5 Where we do not have an obligation to provide alternative accommodation we may charge the resident rent under a temporary tenancy.