Decant policy

Resident Communications

16.1 WHBC is committed to involving and keeping residents informed at all stages of the decant process. The relevant housing team will:

• Inform residents once a firm decision has been made about the required works.
• Consult residents at the earliest opportunity about their housing options.
• Provide regular updates to keep residents informed and agree the frequency of updates with the resident.
• Where a programme of decants is planned we will provide residents with a named tenant liaison officer to act as their single point of contact as soon as it is identified that tenants will need to move. They will conduct individual household needs assessment, discuss rehousing options and agree the package of support.

16.2 We will visit tenants within 4 weeks of their permanent move or return to their permanent property to check how they are settling in and follow up on any outstanding issues. All tenants who have been through the planned decant process will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey which will be used to review and improve our practice if that shows to be necessary.