Decant policy

Rent and Rent Arrears

12.1 For permanent decants the tenant will continue to pay rent until their tenancy ends at their permanent home.

12.2 If the tenant has arrears of rent or service charges, or other debt owed to WHBC, these will be deducted from any Home Loss Payments due, with any remaining arrears being included in the new tenancy agreement as a former tenant arrears agreement.

12.3 While the tenant is temporarily decanted, they will continue to pay their rent at their permanent home and with no rent due on the temporary accommodation. Where the temporary accommodation does not provide access to cooking facilities e.g. a hotel, the tenant will receive compensation payments.

12.4 Where the rent of the decant property would be lower than the rent at the permanent property we may refund the difference through a rent abatement.

12.5 If a temporary decant occurs at the time of an annual rent review, the rent on the permanent property will still be reviewed and changed and the relevant rent change notices served.