Decant policy

Planned Temporary Decants

9.1 A planned temporary decant may be required where works such as damp proofing, structural works or asbestos removal are to be carried out and would leave the resident without basic facilities for a period of time or because of a health and safety requirement, but the resident will be able to return on completion of the works. For these decants, the following principles apply:

• We will use our own temporary accommodation wherever possible. If we are unable to provide temporary accommodation at our designated sites or this does not meet the needs of the household, we will use one of our own void properties or where this is not possible, we will consider options as listed in Paragraph 5.1 above.
• The move only lasts as long as it takes to complete the repair or improvement works.
• The tenant remains a tenant of their original home at all times.
• The temporary home from our void stock is let on a non-secure tenancy, and the tenant has no right to remain in the decant property once the tenancy has ended.
• The tenant will usually only be made one offer of temporary suitable
alternative accommodation.
• If the tenant wishes to remain permanently in the temporary decant accommodation, at its discretion, WHBC may approve such a request, where for example the permanent move would address an existing housing need such as overcrowding under our Allocations policy, and there are no outstanding rent arrears or other breaches of tenancy, and it would be in accordance with WHBC’s Allocation Policy and any relevant nomination agreements.