Decant policy

Discretionary Disturbance Payments (Temporary Decants)

13.20 Where there is no statutory entitlement to Disturbance Payments because the ‘decant’ is temporary, then WHBC may on a discretionary basis provide some financial assistance to tenants up to any limits in this policy; this is entirely at WHBC’s discretion.

13.21 We will not make any discretionary payments where the need for a ‘decant’ has arisen due to wilful or negligent actions of the tenant or a member of their household e.g. where they have caused a fire.

13.22 If WHBC decides to make a discretionary disturbance payment, evidence must be provided for all costs as reimbursement will only be paid when bills or receipts are submitted with any claims, unless we agree to pay a one-off lump sum amount. Claims can be for costs incurred when moving out and returning to the permanent property.
13.23 Examples of costs that may be covered where a tenant is temporarily decanted include:

Removal and storage costs –WHBC may either arrange the removal or storage with a company directly, or reimburse the costs where it is necessary to move belongings or furniture, but will require two quotes to be provided.

Disconnection and reconnection of washing machines – we may arrange for the disconnection and reconnection cost of a washing machine, or for decants lasting more than 1 week we may reimburse laundry costs of up to a maximum value per week where the tenant has no access to laundry facilities. (Appendix 1)

Telephone, Satellite/Cable TV and internet connections – we may cover the cost of monthly subscriptions where the decant lasts longer than 1 month.

Disconnection and reconnection of cooker –we may arrange for the disconnection and reconnection of the tenants cooker by a registered Gas Safe fitter or qualified operative (where electric).

Redirection of mail – where the tenant is decanted for more than 2 weeks, we may reimburse the cost of mail redirection for all household members for up to 3 months.

Rehoming for pets - where a tenant is unable to take a pet to the temporary accommodation due to restrictions placed on the property, we may reimburse reasonable temporary rehoming costs. Only households that have requested permission to keep a pet as per the Tenancy Agreement and are keeping the pet in line with the tenant obligations will be eligible.

Carpets and floor coverings – where necessary we may arrange for the uplift and refitting of carpets and underlay. If this is not possible or partially not possible, WHBC may provide replacement floor covering.

Curtains or blinds – where necessary we may consider providing curtains or blinds in bedrooms or sitting rooms if the tenant is unable to make use of their own.

Food – we may reimburse a daily sum (set out in Appendix 1) for those who have to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast and do not have access to cooking facilities or a ‘meal deal’ included with the accommodation provided. Guidance on the method of payment or reimbursement is contained in the procedure.